Specializing in Equipment Rentals and Tool Rentals in Eden Prairie MN and surrounding metro since 1983

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Rental Categories

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  • Air Compressors / Tools Rentals
    • General Rental, 185cfm, 1 1/2 Hp Compressor, Air Tank, Jackhammer, Sandblaster, Floor Nailer, Finish Nailer, Coil Roof Nailer, Sheeting Stapler, Framing Nailer, Floor Chipper, Post Pounder(air Or Manual),
  • Automotive Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, Steering Wheel Puller, Harmonic Balancer Puller, Slide Puller, 2&4 Jaw Puller, Macperson Strut, Bearing Puller, Pota-power, Dent Puller, Muffler Tail Pipe Expander.
  • Carpenter Tools Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, Framing Nailer, Floor Nailer, Jackhammer, Knee Kicker, Carpet Strechter, Chipping Hammer, Miter Saws 10" To 14", Landscape Saw, Floor Sander, Orbital Floor Sander, Roto Hammers, Hammer Drills, Sawzalls, Drills, Right Angle Drill,
  • Concrete Tools Rentals
    • General Tool Rentals, Mixers, Bullfloats, Concrete Hand Tools, Power Trowels, Concrete Vibrators, Jackhammers, Chipping Hammers, Roto Hammers, Sledge Hammers, Chop Saws Gas Or Electric, Stud Guns, Block Saws, Walkbehind Saws, Concrete Buggy, Dump Trailer
  • Contractor/skid Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, Bobcat Skid Loader, Excavator, Tractor/backhoe, Dingo, Mini Skid, Tractor Front End Loader, Skid Loader W/tracks, Cement Mixer, Concrete Saws, Jackhammer And Compressor, Post Pounder, Dump Truck, Dump Trailer, Skid Attachments,
  • Drywall Tools Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, Drywall Stilts, Ceiling Texture Sprayer, Drywall Sander, Taping Banjo, Indoor Scaffolding, Drywall Screw Gun, Sheetrock Jack, Airless Paint Sprayers.
  • Electric Tools Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, Jig Saw, Sawzall, Drills, Right Angle Drills, Jamb Saw, Toe Kick Saw, Saws, Table Top Saw, Table Top Planer, Chop Saw, Core Drill,
  • Fans Air Movers Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, Carpet Fan, Air Mover, Air Conditioner, Pedestal Fans Large, Ozone Machine, Blower Pak, Dehumidifers,
  • Floor / Carpet Care Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, Carpet Cleaner, Carpet Fan, Scrubbers, Sanders, Orbital Floor Sanders, Carpet Tools, Carpet Shampoo, Wood Floor Cleaner
  • Floor / Carpet Install Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, Floor Nailer, Finish Nailer, Floor Sanders, Edgers, Knee Kickers, Carpet Strechters, Carpet Stapler, Seam Irons, Heat Guns, Miter Saws, Seam Roller, Tile Roller.
  • Floor Sanding Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, Floor Sander, Floor Edger, Orbital Floor Sander, Scrubber/buffer, Belt Sanders, Radiator Sander, Floor Sander Belts, Edger Disc,
  • Generators Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, 6500 Watt, 5000 Watt, 3500 Watt, 2500 Watt, 2000 Watt, Welder/generator 4000 Watt And 8500 Watt, 5600 Watt.
  • Heaters Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, Tent Heaters, Propane Heaters, Small Room Heaters, Propane Torch, Patio Heaters, Concrete Blankets, Top Hat Heaters,
  • High Lifts Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, 51ft 4-wheel Drive Boomlift, 43ft Boomlift Towable, 42ft Boomlift Towable, Scissor Lifts, Man Lift,
  • Household Rentals
    • General Rentals, Folding Beds, Portable Beds, Carpet Cleaners, Sanders.
  • Jacks And Hoists Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, Floor Jack, Transmission Jack, Jack Stands, Engine Hoists, Bottle Jacks, House Jacks, Pole Jacks, Sheetrock Jacks, Camper Jacks, Leveling Jacks,
  • Ladder, Scaffold Rentals
    • Geneal Tool Rental, Outdoor Scaffolding, Indoor Scaffolding, Step Ladders, Extension Ladders, Planks, Expandable Planks, Ladder Hoist, Chicken Ladder,
  • Lawn & Garden Rentals
    • Aerator, Power Rake, Lawn Mower, Slit Seeder, Dethatcher, Blower, Edger, Spreader, Weed Whip, Pole Saw
  • Measurement Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, Measure Wheels, Measure Tape, Corner Squares, Tape Measures,
  • Medical Equipment Rentals
    • Wheelchairs, Shuttle, Scooter, Crutches, Commodes, Walker
  • Moving Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, Trucks, Trailer, Dollys, Moving Pads, Boxes, Tape, Rachet Straps, Tow Dolly, Car Trailers, Skid Trailers, Open And Closed Trailers
  • Painting And Decorating Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, Airless Paint Sprayers, Wallpaper Steamers, Drywall Tools, Ladders And Scaffold, Planks,
  • Passenger Vans Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, Vans, Passenger, 7 Passenger, 15 Passenger, Cargo Vans, Trucks, Trailers,
  • Plumbing Related Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, Sewer Snakes, Test Ball, Sewer Saugage, Pipe Wrench, Soil Pipe Cutter, Band Saw, Sawzall, Manometer, Trash Pumps, Submersiable Pumps, Waterbed Pumps,
  • Pressure Washers Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, 4000 Psi, 3000 Psi, 2000 Psi, 1500 Psi, 1000 Psi, Hot Pressure Washer, Pressure Scrubber,
  • Pumps Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, Trash Pump, Submersiable Pump, Waterbed Pump,
  • Sandblasters Rentals
  • Trailers Rentals
    • General Rentals, Trailers, Trucks
  • Trucks Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, 24ft Truck, 15ft Truck, 12ft Truck, Cargo Vans, Stakebed Truck, Pickup, Dump Truck, Passenger Vans,
  • Welding Rentals
    • General Tool Rental, Generator Welders, Wire Feed Welders, 8500 Watt Generator Welder,

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* Please call us for any questions on our inventory rentals in Eden Prairie MN and serving the cities of Bloomington, Chanhassen, Minnetonka and surrounding metro area.

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